How Our Bundles Work

Have you ever felt frustrated browsing for supplements trying to find the right ones for you? We certainly have, so we decided to fix this problem for all athletes. Now you might think: am I an athlete? The truth is, if you are an active individual, or want to become one, and you have even a slim desire to improve your physical and/or mental performance on a daily basis, then we consider you an athlete.

Here are the steps to use our bundles:

  1. Purchase the bundle that most fulfills your current needs (essentials, workout and/or bounce back) We highly suggest that you team up with an accountability partner for our longer-lasting bundles (save more and share awesome results)
  2. Receive your bundle and find inside a welcome note with a QR code. Either scan it using your smartphone's camera or simply enter the URL in your web browser to find all information pertaining to your bundle (do not hesitate to contact us for additional information)
  3. Read through the instructions and follow our highly suggested consumption protocol to maximize the bundle's benefits
  4. Worry less, smile more and enjoy a healthier body and mind for the length of consumption
  5. Don't forget to share your experience with us as well as fellow athletes who you think could benefit from our bundles

Here are the advantages of our bundles: 

  • Eliminate the time-consuming research for supplements
  • Eliminate the guesswork in dosages
  • Know the exact time period of supplementation
  • Know that you are consuming the highest quality, third-party tested products strictly from Canadian companies
  • Be insured that our team will continue to work its hardest to find the best bundles available
  • We encourage feedback and suggestions for future bundles/products to satisfy our community more adequately

Furthermore, our unique bundles allow us to personalize plans that fit your own current needs. 

The essentials bundle (shop) brings together the nutrients (macro & micro) lacking from everyday nutrition, building a strong base to a healthy and active lifestyle. 

The workout bundle (shop) combines what we deem to be the most important blend to perform at your best consistently. These products also help with the regeneration of muscle tissues after strenuous activities.

The bounce back bundle (shop) is probably the most exciting one. It uses a blend of products that quenches rampant inflammation in the body, which is the cause of almost all chronic injuries and disease. It also has the great potential to accelerate recovery times.