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What We're After

Our mission at A4 Performance is to simplify the purchase and consumption of essential supplements using only the highest quality products, but also to build a community of athletes that are open to learn, grow and achieve together. 
We are extremely excited to share our knowledge with our community and keep expanding on these bundles so that all athletes can benefit physically and psychologically.

Who We Are

It's no coincidence that we have decided to use a green leaf as our company logo. Not only does its Chinese symbolic meaning depicts our ultimate vision: hope, renewal and revival among our community, the word also has an important significance for our family: it forms an acronym using each of our first names' initials.


By now, everyone that knows me has already figured out that I’m not the athlete, not literally at least, but when it comes to performance, a highly stressful job may be just as demanding. All jobs have their tolls on your body and well being. Having worked many years for a world renowned Fortune 500 company as and with high-end executives who have demanding schedules, I came to understand that if I didn't manage key aspects of my health, I would eventually create unwanted side effects such as anxiety and stress, which then could lead to more serious illnesses. This is why I have opted to include weekly visits to the gym, as well as consume all necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals to keep me mentally sharp and ready to take on strenuous work days.


    Mom, part-time hairdresser, but full time #1 fan of A4 Performance. My adventure with health and fitness started some 30 years ago, but only recently have I started experiencing the true benefits of a healthy diet and exercise regimen. 


    I grew up playing a number of different sports, including soccer and hockey. My interest in the world of sport led me to study kinesiology and I have since a bachelor's degree in this field. During my university career, I developed a desire to help people acquire a healthy and active lifestyle, but also to be able to help them overcome their neuro-musculoskeletal problems. That led me to start studying osteopathy and here I am almost at the end of my 6 year course! Always so passionate and fascinated by the human body, what it can accomplish physically and its capacity for self-regulation, I work by combining my two fields of discipline.

    My resume includes:
    • 15 years of recreational sports such as hockey and soccer
    • Bachelors degree in kinesiology at McGill University
    • Student in osteopathy at Centre Osteopatique du Québec (COQ)
    • Certified personal trainer at Énergie Cardio for 4 years
    • Constant research in new treatment methods involved in my field of work


    I started playing hockey at 5 years old, and have since moved around North America to pursue my passion. It has taken me to Colorado, Vermont, British Columbia, Ontario, Pennsylvania, and New York just to name a few. Along the way I have grown an immense desire to physically and mentally improve to push the boundaries of my capabilities on and off the ice. This desire has allowed me to learn a thing or two about what athletes need to perform and recover at their peak every single day. I am committed to help every athlete accomplish its goals and aspirations through the knowledge I continue to acquire on a daily basis.

    My resume includes:

    • 14 years of high performance training sessions, nutrition and overall wellness education with Roberto Sabatini
    • Bachelors degree in Finance from Robert Morris University
    • Masters in Business Administration from Clarkson University
    • Student in Functional Medecine (FMCA - Insitute of Functional Medicine approved)
    • Ongoing research and experimentation on the psychological and physiological components of performance and optimal living (Ben Greenfield, Joe Dispenza, Mark Hyman, Lewis Howes, Jay Shetty, Jim Kwik and more)

    Contact Us

    Write us an email at info@a4performance.com or send us a message on our social media pages with any questions and/or concerns you may have so that we can better assist you as well as our community.