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To use the most researched fields of science to lead you to performance-enhancing life changes.


1. To offer 1-on-1 personalized coaching to help you achieve your desired life goals.

2. To offer a one-stop-shop for all you performance & health needs. (products & advice)


● Conduct research to target and fix, to the best of our ability & knowledge, the root cause of your challenges rather than temporarily mask a recurring issue.

● Assist & help you change rather than force or prescribe.

● Rely on mindfulness, sleep, nutrition, exercise  & any other relevant factors to optimize your unique needs & wants.

Why a leaf?

The leaf's Chinese symbolic meaning depicts our ultimate vision: hope, renewal and revival among our community. The word also has an important significance for our family: it forms an acronym using each of our first names' initials (Luc, Elaine, Anne, and Francis).

Francis Marotte
Health & Performance Coach

“Life starts with identifying your purpose. Mine is to use my knowledge & experience to optimize the health & performance of those around me."

⬇︎ My Story ⬇︎


"Change is possible and possibilities are limitless. A solution always exists. You just have to look for it.” - Frank

I started playing hockey at 5 years old and have since moved around North America to pursue my passion. It has taken me to Colorado, Vermont, British Columbia, Ontario, Pennsylvania, and New York just to name a few. Along the way, I have grown an immense desire to physically and mentally improve to push the boundaries of my capabilities on and off the ice. This desire has allowed me to learn thousands of ways to perform and recover at my peak every single day. I am committed to helping everyone accomplish their goals and aspirations through the knowledge I continue to acquire on a daily basis. My resume includes:

● 14 years of high-performance training sessions, nutrition and overall wellness education

● Bachelor’s degree in finance from Robert Morris University

● Master’s in business administration from Clarkson University

● Student in Functional Medicine (FMCA - Institute of Functional Medicine approved)

● 1000+ hours of research and experimentation on the psychological and physiological components of performance and optimal living using the most recognized experts in their respective fields of study

"I believe that experience is the best teacher in life. My sinuous path through hockey has allowed me to learn in 10 years what others might learn in a lifetime."

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Write us an email below or send us a message on our social media pages with any questions and/or concerns you may have so that we can better assist you.

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